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Asasa Gulberg Greens

How more beautiful can Islamabad ever get? The answer is simple: as beautiful as Gulberg Islamabad, which has been envisaged as “a beautiful city within the city.” The project offers a visibly higher standard of life with contemporary architecture, improved design, and better construction to become the ultimate lifestyle destination.

Attiya Liaqat of ASASA REAL ESTATE

Attiya Liaqat is the only woman in Gulberg Islamabad to be ranked among the top real estate developers of Pakistan. She is an exceptionally insightful lady with a clear vision about Gulberg Islamabad.

She has developed a reputation for herself in this field and is well-known as a successful businesswoman. Attiya Liaqat plays a key role in Gulberg Islamabad under the banner of Asasa Real Estate and Builders.


We are dedicated to providing world-class service and market-leading expertise to our clients. We are passionate about providing the extra value that others simply will not.


Fanatical integrity and consistently impressive results will be the signature of our service. Our collaborative spirit and desire to grow will help us achieve the goals we set. We will make the families we serve feel special, creating raving fans, and help them truly win.

Our Qualities

“We are guided by qualities that are outstandingly basic to our world. These qualities characterize us, our method of working and what we need to accomplish in our every day adventure”


''We pursue the vision,not the cash''

Our approved agents arrange selling, leasing or the management of your properties effortlessly.

"We value our people"

Market your properties today all through productive reach towards the interested group.

“The best investment on Earth is earth.”

Browse through our projects at Asasa real-estate location Gulberg Greens, Islamabad.

Property Counseling

We offer guidance or direction which altogether influences real estate choices, without individual inclination as well as clashing circumstance which causes you to make sure about your investment and future.


We deal Quality properties with an attention on consumer loyalty and necessities.

"You are not buying a house, you are buying a lifestyle"

Each property Ad set up on the site is investigated and checked by property vendors at to guarantee Secure and Legitimate property bargains.