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Asasa Gulberg Introduction

Gulberg Islamabad &

How more beautiful can Islamabad ever get? The answer is simple: as beautiful as Gulberg Islamabad, which has been envisaged as “a beautiful city within the city.” The project offers a visibly higher standard of life with contemporary architecture, improved design, and better construction to become the ultimate lifestyle destination.

Two of the most pristine divisions of Gulberg Islamabad are Gulberg Green, situated just off the Islamabad Highway, and Gulberg Residencia. They are among the most accessible locations in Islamabad. A 220-ft wide Gulberg Expressway connects Gulberg Greens with Gulberg Residencia through a bridge under development.

Asasa Gulberg, the leading real estate firm in the city, has been facilitating ex-servicemen, businessmen, senior lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professionals to buy, sell, and invest in Gulberg Green and Gulberg Residencia. We have a long list of satisfied clients, who prefer to get things done hassle-free and in a more professional way while ensuring that their money remains secure.

Whether you want to quickly build a home for your family, want to own a farmhouse, or simply intend invest your hard-earned money in a secure and profitable manner, Asasa Gulberg finds the best deals for you. We painstakingly work to guarantee clients’ satisfaction.

A picturesque Gulberg Islamabad is located just off the Islamabad Expressway

What is the of Gulberg Islamabad? ​

Gulberg Islamabad is not a new venture. The project was launched back in 2005 and its NOC from the CDA was approved in 2009 with Ref# “CDA/PLW-HS (127)/2009/257”. The MOUs with IESCO and SNGPL were also duly signed. A modified design plan was affirmed by the CDA in 2010 and NOC was awarded in 2011.

What lends it credence is the name that everyone could trust. Gulberg Islamabad is a project of IB Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) Islamabad, otherwise called IBECHS Phase-3.

Find more information on the NOC status at following URLs of CDA’s official website

Where is of Gulberg Islamabad?​

Gulberg Islamabad, with its most pristine divisions Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia, is one of the most accessible locations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Whether you begin your drive from the heart of federal capital or start off from the Grand Trunk (GT) Road, it does not take you more than a few minutes to arrive at Gulberg Islamabad. The project is situated a half kilometer off the Islamabad Highway that connects to Grand Trunk Road just 10km away. Gulberg Green begins soon after you turn in to Gulberg Express way. The same 220-ft road takes you to Gulberg Residencia.

We have marked the exact location here on the google maps.

Why should I ?

As property owners have witnessed in several cities through of Pakistan, many upscale residential or commercial projects come with a lot of strings attached. Gulberg Islamabad, however, it different. It is a beautiful mini-city within the capital city, with an abundance of amenities such as mosques, schools, colleges, universities, healthcare facilities. It also houses five-star hotels and shopping malls and offers state of the art security. Yet, it allows you full control over what is legally yours, unlike other projects where you never enjoy a sense of true ownership.

Another compelling reason for you to invest in Gulberg Green and Gulberg Residencia may be the high return on investment that we can guarantee. A number of shopping malls have already gone up in Gulberg Commercial while houses crop up in Gulberg Residencia.

And yes, Gulberg Islamabad is more beautiful than the city surrounding it. Gulberg Green presents a breathtaking view thanks to its abundant greenery.

Why ?

Few people understand the difference between a real estate professional, representing a real estate firm, and a broker working on its own. While a real estate professional representing an entity such as Asasa Gulberg assists you to arrive at the right decision as you buy or sell property, brokers—who poses to be real estate agents but who are not—turn out to be pushy with their ultimate goal of cutting a deal at the earliest. This makes an enormous difference and may affect your future. The return you get on your investment is contingent upon your decision to choose the right person to work with.

Asasa Gulberg has the experience of working with a wide range of investors from retired bureaucrats and ex-servicemen to professionals and businesspersons. It has also facilitated people with modest income to buy affordable houses. Our team include professionals who not only understand the ins and outs of property business but have extensively studied the projects, that is, Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia.

Asasa Gulberg events attract investors from every where including the overseas.